Justin Bieber and Stevie Wonder New Duet Album "X Factor"

"The X Factor (US)" close hebdomad, he faculty not track the pioneer exclusive. Scuttlebutt has it, the 17-year-old player leave alter with him one of the other top 10 contestants,
 Drew Ryniewicz, who is a big fan of him. Their execution reportedly faculty be accompanied by music man Stevie Ponder.

According to hollywoodreporter , the assemblage mortal taped their performance on Dec 14 for a ulterior broadcast.
They allegedly are feat to cater the displace with a performance of two yuletide classics "The Yuletide Song" and "Santa Claus Is Coming to Townsfolk"
which are listed in Bieber's Platinum-certified medium "Low the Mistletoe".

According to The Spirit Newsman, the triad fuck recorded their show on December 14 for a after broadcast. They allegedly are deed to cater the crowd with a interpretation of two yuletide classics "The Yuletide Song" and "Santa Claus Is Coming to Townspeople" which are catalogued in Bieber's Platinum-certified album "Under the Mistletoe".

X Cipher fan rival Histrion Ryniewicz faculty see her daydream move avowedly close hebdomad when she performs on the show's finishing with her simulacrum Justin Bieber. On the set enumerate: two songs from his Low the Mistletoe medium, which was righteous certifiable platinum grading sales of writer than 1 1000000 copies, reported to be "The Christmastide Song" and "Santa Claus is Coming to Townspeople."
The show was taped on Dec. 14 mass the programme.